Friday, June 3, 2016

The Perfect Summer Nightgown

When I was a little girl I loved wearing nightgowns to bed, and basically all day too. So naturally I want to force that same love that I had, on my unsuspecting girls. Its an easy sell. Summer nightgowns are awesome.
I don't think we've seen temperatures over 72 degrees yet, but warm summer nights are coming, or so I hear. So I set out to sew my girls the perfect summer nightgowns, to keep them cool, sure, but mostly because I want them to love wearing them ;).

The first player to enter this quest of mine, was some vintage looking fabric I snagged at my local thrift store. The fabric basically told me it was meant to be made into nightgowns, and who am I to deny this fabric its true destiny?

The next player was the right pattern, of course. I searched the interwebs, mostly using keywords like "Summer PJ's" or "Nightgown" or some other sleeping attire words. I came up empty handed. Doesn't the pattern world know exactly what I have in mind?? Apparently not. Well, they do, but sometimes you have to think outside the box. I ended up turning to a pattern I already owned. The Seaside Dress by Tadah Patterns. Not a nightgown pattern, per say, but with the right approach and definitely with the right fabric it has all the makings of one.


I wanted a sleeveless option though. No flutter sleeves, no tie that could potentially choke them in their sleep, no ruffle neck. So I made my own option and it was a success! I kind of love that the more I sew, the more capable I am of modifying patterns and it not blowing up in my face. 

Enter: The Most Perfect Summer Nightgowns Ever. And the cutest sisters ever. This was my favorite photoshoot thus far. These two really are best friends, and it makes this mom's heart kind of want to explode from joy.


  1. They are adorable. There are moments Heidi looks like she is getting a chock hold, but that is true love.