Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Striped Dress

On my most recent trip to SAS Fabrics (in Tempe) I found the most amazing striped, satiney fabric. It was one of those moments, where I saw it and knew immediately what type of dress I wanted to make out of it.

Problem was, I didn't have a pattern for the dress I was picturing in my head. And in all my endless hours of searching patterns online, I couldn't think of any that would fit the bill.

Then I realized I have two patterns, that combined, would be exactly what I was after. 

I used the Cricket dress shape, and used the bodice of the Geranium dress. I taped those pieces together and made some adjustments to make it just so,
and traced the new pattern pieces for the front and back. This dress is literally 2 pattern pieces (well 4 if you count the lining). I sewed it up real quick, making sure the stripes lined up all the way around, sewed on a button, and added elastic to the waist. Voila! I love it when a thought becomes a real tangible thing.

Can we just talk about how, for once in her life, Avery actually cooperated for the camera? It was amaaazing

Back to the dress. I'm not crazy, this is a cute dress, right? I basically want her to wear it every single day for forever. I realize that I may be living out my wardrobe dreams through my daughter, because I really want this dress in my size too. 

Then we could be twinsies! 


  1. While I was reading, I thought... I want pictures! I want to see what this dress is all about and how Ginger looks in it... then.... the picture! I could totally see YOU in it... it is SO you.... then.... your daughter? Boy was I fooled! I am laughing my head off.

  2. It is SO cute Ginger! I am really excited to follow along as you fulfill your sewing dreams! :)