Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Plaid Pippa Pelplum

Say that 10 times fast.

I am on a roll! This is usually how I work. I make something, love it, and must make something again as soon as humanly possible. Its almost like an adrenaline rush, this sewing stuff.

I decided to make a top for Avery out of some vintage plaid I found at our local thrift store. I had the perfect pattern in mind that I bought during a black Friday sale. The Pippa Peplum by See Kate Sew. The pattern called for facing to finish off the neckline. Facing + kids clothes = does not work well (IMO). The facings are always peaking out and just generally annoying. So I decided to bind the neckline instead, and it worked pretty well. I am still perfecting my skill of binding with knit, but this was one of my better results.

I finished the top last night, after the kids were in bed. Tried to put it on Avery this morning, and it wouldn't go over her head. I tried again. No go. The thing about Avery is she has a huge nogin, she is super skinny, and on the tall side for her age. Sometimes I don't get the sizing perfectly right for her. So I tried the top on Heidi, and it fit her perfectly! That is definitely a benefit of having two girls so close together. The project would have been a total failure if Heidi didn't save the day with her small little head.

Heidi is my reluctant model, she was pouting during the entire 3 minute shoot. 

I am so in love with this pattern. I could easily fill up my girls' closet with this shirt. And I think I will.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Cozy Modern Belle Dress

I took a break from sewing these past two months. Part of that is due to Christmas and our tree taking up my sewing corner, and part of it is due to me just feeling plain tired after the kids are in bed, and the other part is I just didn't feel like sewing. So I didn't. A couple of days ago I decided to kind of force myself to sew something that Avery desperately needed: a warm dress for church. Our first Wyoming winter is kind of kicking our tails.
I decided to sew a dress out of a pattern I have seen a million times, but never really thought was for me. For whatever reason it just seemed like the perfect winter dress, so I bought the pattern at full price (which I RARELY do), and took the plunge. I present to you our my version of a  Warm and Cozy Modern Belle Dress, by Lil Luxe Collection.

Avery absolutely loves wearing this dress. It is just the softest flannel ever. And I think she really appreciates the warmth, especially since the heat in our church building has been a little sketchy the past couple of weeks. It was 2 degrees this morning, sooooo ya.

I'm so glad I forced myself to finally start stitching away and creating again. It does me so much good, and it has definitely awakened the sewing beast within. I am back to literally dreaming about creations I've put together in my brain. Now I just need to time and energy to turn all those fantasies into reality....