Sunday, November 20, 2016

Avery's Favorite Dress...Ever

I feel like words don't even need to be written about this dress. Look at this girl. This may be my favorite photo of her I've ever taken. 

Lets still talk about this dress though, just for kicks. Its her favorite dress for a couple of reasons. 
#1. She has some ownership in it because I let her choose the fabric from my extensive stash (read: massive pile of fabrics literally thrown in my closet on Steve's side, no less. I have storage/organization issues)
#2. The twirl factor is perfection
#3. It is super comfy. The girl can move in this dress.

Any dress with those three elements is bound to be a smashing success.

I love this fabric so much. These pictures don't even do it justice. It almost caused me physical pain to cut into it. I've been hoarding it for a while, paralyzed by the fear of using it on the "wrong" pattern, and thereby cutting it short of its amazing potential.
Thankfully that didn't happen. Full potential reached.
It helps that I now have a "go to" knit dress pattern. Its kind of a mish mosh of a couple patterns, and some adjustments that I have made to get this look. The bodice is Boo! Designs Sleeved Leotard pattern. I made a size 5 for Avery, and her chest measures just about 22", so I sized up one size so it wouldn't be as tight as, you know, a leotard. 

Then for the skirt I used a full circle skirt, but made it extra wide so I could gather it. For some reason, the "un-gathered circle skirt" look just does not grab me. I need those little gathers.
The next modification made was lowering the back scoop to get that ballet dress look. I also used binding around the neck (instead of the method the pattern uses with elastic) cut at 80% the length of the neckline.

I have fabric set aside for at least 4 more of these dresses for Avery and Heidi. Its just the perfect everyday dress that also works for church.

My favorite 5 year old right there.