Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Striped Dress

On my most recent trip to SAS Fabrics (in Tempe) I found the most amazing striped, satiney fabric. It was one of those moments, where I saw it and knew immediately what type of dress I wanted to make out of it.

Problem was, I didn't have a pattern for the dress I was picturing in my head. And in all my endless hours of searching patterns online, I couldn't think of any that would fit the bill.

Then I realized I have two patterns, that combined, would be exactly what I was after. 

I used the Cricket dress shape, and used the bodice of the Geranium dress. I taped those pieces together and made some adjustments to make it just so,

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Welcome to my little {teeny, tiny} corner of the internet!

I recently discovered that I have a straight up addiction to sewing clothes for my two girls. So I decided to start a fresh new blog and only post my sewing projects here, kind of like a portfolio of sorts.
I am thinking of trying to pattern test (I'm probably dreaming on that one) and possibly enter some online sewing competitions. Having a blog with all my work in one clean space will help in that endeavor. Wow. That was quite possibly the most boring paragraph I've ever written. Sorry.
Moving on....
The title of this blog is something that Avery, my almost 4 year old daughter, says to me all the time, and it always cracks me up. The conversations usually go something like this:
A: Mom, can I have a popcicle?
Me: Maaaybe...
A: Maybe say, "YES!" 
And I usually do, say yes, that is. She's my favorite almost 4 year old ever, I can't help it
What I really need to do is use this little phrase of hers a lot less when I am shopping these days....I have this slight addiction to buying PDF patterns and fabric. Oh fabric, how I love thee.
Maybe say, no, Ginger, maybe just say no, dang it!
But because I usually say "YES!!" I have at least five patterns I have yet to even print off and fabric literally popping out of overfilled drawers in my sewing room. 
Time to get a sewing!