Sunday, October 25, 2015

Miss Ruby Tuesday

Let me introduce you to the Miss Ruby Tuesday dress, aka "The Only Knit Dress Pattern You Will EVER Need." I was, once again, super honored and excited to be selected as a pattern tester for this dress. The designer of the pattern, Ann with 1 Puddle Lane Pattern Studio really did a great job with this one. There ended up being 4 revisions on the bodice. I can't imagine redrafting a pattern 4 times, but I am so glad she is a perfectionist, because this dress fits like a dream.

There are all the sleeve options you can imagine (sleeveless, faux cap sleeve, short sleeve, elbow length, 3/4 sleeve, and long). There are a few skirt options too: full circle, half circle, and gathered. 
The dress I sewed up as a tester is a 3/4 sleeve, half circle. I have a little tummy pooch from bearing 3 children and, you know, being a human person who likes food a lot, so I was worried this dress wouldn't be flattering on me. Silly me. Not to toot my own horn, but I don't hate myself in this dress. Just sayin'.

Part of the deal with pattern testing, is you have to submit semi-pro, modeled  photos of garment. That meant I, as in myself, had to get IN FRONT of the camera and model?? This was way out of  my comfort zone. In one way, I really hated this part, but in another, I'm glad it forced me to actually have some decent photos of myself to show my kids 20 years from now. Look, I did exist, kids!

I commissioned my husband, Steve, to take the pictures. He was 100% on board when I told him we should go into the Wyoming mountains to do it. If I even mention the word "mountain" he is there in a heartbeat, ha! I think he did a pretty dang good job with the pictures -  and best of all, he made me feel totally beautiful during the whole process. And lucky for us, all 3 kids fell asleep on the drive to the mountains, so these pictures were taken without any children distracting us, it was kind of amazing. 
I don't always do selfish sewing, but when I do, its probably going to be another version of this dress!


  1. You are gorgeous! I don't see any baby pooch, just one hot mama!

  2. Hello! You look beautiful! That dress is gorgeous too. Live it. Love all this sewing you're doing.