Thursday, May 5, 2016

A New Romper for Heidi

I have been buying a lot of floral knits lately from a facebook group. Its bad. Like really bad. The way the sales are set up, fabric goes within minutes, so you have to make split second decisions and it totally brings out the impulse shopper in me. I told you, its bad. Anyway, I recently purchased this green floral liverpool (a type of knit that has a texture, and is really sturdy). I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, because its pretty loud. 
One of my favorite pattern designers is Shwin Designs, and she came out with a new romper pattern last week, the Magil & Lil Romper. Once I saw that romper, I knew exactly what to make with my crazy green floral. Hence, Heidi's new summer romper! She loves this thing. It looks so comfortable; I wish adults could pull things off like this. Its also 100% potty friendly. She didn't need my help at all yesterday pulling it up and down for the potty. I love it when cuteness and practicality meet.


I don't think Avery could pull this off, as it is kind of a "young" looking pattern. But I might make a couple more for Heidi in some solid colors. Winner of a pattern for sure.

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  1. Love all the flowers. I am a flower gal myself!